Triton Pool & Spa
Welcome to Triton Pool & Spa - Elegance That Makes a 	Splash!
A Refreshing Approach To Custom Pool Design & Construction
Triton Pools now does pool remodeling and renovationsTriton Pool & Spa offers homeowners the opportunity to create an elegant outdoor environment as unique as their residence itself. From start to finish, each pool is custom designed to integrate with your home, reflect your taste and enhance your lifestyle.

At Triton, we don’t build hundreds of pools a year like most large general pool companies do. Instead, we focus on creating a select number of truly custom pools – ensuring that each pool is perfect down to the last detail.

Thomas A. Smith, the founder of Triton Pool & Spa, has earned a reputation for excellence and elegance in the design of luxurious pool and outdoor entertainment areas.

The innovation of the team Triton Pool & Spa is available to those homeowners who seek to add a truly original outdoor pool environment to their home.