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Triton Pool and Spa's reputation for excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients. The unsurpassed quality of Triton pools makes us proud to share our customer testimonials.


Simrell pool

Triton created an outdoor oasis, not just a pool.
We had heard about Tom Smith’s quality reputation as a homebuilder, so when we learned that he also did pools we knew Triton was the company for us. Tom looked at the whole picture of what our home could be and did much more than build a pool. He created an outdoor oasis that has completely changed our home. We live on the golf course in the Bayou Club so our view was lovely to start with. Now this pool area makes it truly unique.

We have natural gas tiki torches, an outdoor kitchen, a natural gas fire pit with stone benches, a natural gas stone fireplace, even cypress planking on the outside ceiling. Tom also opened up our master bedroom and living room by replacing the windows with 8-foot French doors. The workmanship has been outstanding down to the last detail. From ceiling fans and LED pool lighting to an automated salt system, Tom thought of everything to turn our pool and deck into a total outdoor living experience.
Christine & Roy Simrell, Largo

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Scribano pool

Triton gave us a great pool that’s really enhanced our lives – at great value.
We didn’t put a pool in right away when we moved into our home on the Bay because we were waiting for our youngest child to become a really good swimmer – and we were enjoying having a backyard. But when Abigail turned six, my wife, Lisa and I decided it was time. I spoke with a lot of companies to get estimates, and Tom Smith really impressed me. His price was fair and his ideas for the pool and spa were great. We wanted a unique, extra-large spillover from the spa into the pool and other companies didn’t have a good solution for achieving this. Tom handled the problem by adding another pump to the pool.

When Triton started working I knew I had made the right choice. The craftsmanship is impeccable. In addition, Tom’s expertise in construction was a great help to me in putting in an outdoor kitchen. He offered advice and suggestions that made it possible for me to complete the kitchen job myself. The pool has really changed our lifestyle. We use it all the time – especially our children who are ten, nine and six, and all their friends. I have a lot of faith in Tom, He does what he says he will do – and more!
Mark Scribano, DVM, St. Petersburg

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Triton made our pool area a true showplace!
My husband John and I have lived in our home for 25 years and we didn’t want to move because we love the location and neighbors. We had an above-ground pool and hot tub for years, but with our two sons grown up it was time to get the kind of pool area we’ve always wanted. We called Triton and one other company, but once we talked to Tom it was a done deal. He really exceeded our expectations both in terms of design and construction.

We knew we wanted something different so Tom designed a unique geometric shaped pool unlike anything we’ve ever seen. He also put in two large wok pots filled with stones that spill over into the pool. The pool has jets in our bench area, a color-changing LED light, and a big two-level deck. But the most dramatic part is the tile – it’s just stunning. In fact, one of my neighbors said our pool area looks like a luxury hotel pool! It’s really a showplace.
Debbie Feiler, Seminole

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Tom shared his vision of our pool design with us on computer…and we knew it was right.
We were building an addition to our older home and weren’t sure a pool would work for us. But with two children, we really wanted to give it a try. A friend recommended Triton Pools, and the entire experience has been phenomenal. Right from the start Tom had a vision of how a pool would change our backyard and he was able to show it to us on his computer. Seeing his design come to life allowed us to make some changes in our addition that made everything work even better. Now our yard is truly a paradise. From the color of the pool and tile, to the beach area, to the brick paver decking – everything flows together beautifully. It’s simple, elegant and cozy – and has completely changes our home.
Pam Anderson, St Petersburg

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After interviewing nine different companies, Triton stood out as our clear choice.
What really convinced me to go with Triton was Tom Smith’s expertise as a contractor. Of the nine pool companies we talked to, he was the only one who recognized access problems and offered a viable solution. He coordinated moving our AC unit and was present on the job every day. Triton gave us a great pool package at a very competitive price. We’re so happy with the pool that I’ve referred Triton to my neighbors.
Greg Farner, Snell Island

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We got so much more than a pool – we got a whole new lifestyle.
We love our 1957 home but never thought we could add a pool since our backyard is so small. Other pool companies said it wouldn’t be worth it. But Tom Smith had a different approach. He looked at our entire home and property, and decided we could put the pool in the FRONT yard – walling it in to create a courtyard home. His design totally changed the appearance of our home, making it look and feel like an Italian Villa. He maximized the space by working with everything we had: he relocated the garage doors, reconfigured the garage bath to serve as a pool bath, and included an indoor laundry room for me! He even designed the landscaping to enhance our sense of privacy. This pool and courtyard have added a huge amount of living space to our home. Not a day goes by that we don’t enjoy it. And everything is so easy to maintain, with an automated salt system that’s totally computerized. Triton gave us more than a pool – they gave us a whole new home.
Teresa Nardozzi, Belleair Bluffs

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Tom was passionate about making our pool right for us – including the most important member of our family, Jock!
As a contractor myself, I checked out many pool companies and talked to people in the industry to find the best company. Tom Smith’s reputation as a quality contractor made the decision to choose Triton easy. Tom really listened when we talked about adding a pool – and he realized our Golden Labrador, Jock, would use the pool as much as we do. So he designed the pool to include a shallow beach area with only about six inches of water where Jock could wade and cool off. He also recommended a larger filter and bigger pump to handle the dog hair. Tom was upfront about everything and very “hands-on,” spending a lot of time on the job site. His creativity and passion for excellence made the whole experience a pleasure. We all love our beautiful pool – especially Jock!
John Hardiman, Seminole

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